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Gregory  Singleton, MD -  - Family Medicine Physician

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Gregory Singleton, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Integrative Medicine Practice located in Orangeburg, SC

Men often have a higher risk of death and lower life expectancy than women. Dr. Gregory Singleton addresses these risks with male-specific preventive and diagnostic care and treatment at The Ageless Institute. If you’re looking for a men’s health provider in Orangeburg, South Carolina, contact Dr. Singleton over the phone or by using the online booking system.

Men’s Health Q & A

What specific health concerns affect men?

Men are more likely than women to smoke, drink, and engage in risky behaviors. Men also tend to put off seeing their doctors longer than women, often waiting until their symptoms cause significant issues.

These habits leave men vulnerable to certain diseases and death. In fact, men in the United States have the highest risk of dying from:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Chronic lower respiratory disease
  • Unintentional injuries

Dr. Singleton addresses these threats to men’s health whenever he has the opportunity. Other conditions specific to men that Dr. Singleton can address include:

  • Prostate and testicular issues
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotence

What services does a men’s health provider offer?

In order to address male-specific health issues, Dr. Singleton offers preventive care, health screenings, and medical treatment for men.

Preventive care

Dr. Singleton offers exercise, diet, and weight-loss counseling programs to help you form the healthiest lifestyle habits. He also provides vaccinations, smoking-cessation resources, and disease-prevention strategies.

Health screenings

During a physical exam, Dr. Singleton performs standard male screenings, including a testicular, hernia, penis, and prostate exam. He also offers screenings for STDs, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and more.

Medical treatment

If Dr. Singleton diagnoses one of the men’s health conditions listed above, he provides treatment or offers a referral to a specialist. He has extensive expertise from his family medicine background and can treat various medical conditions that affect men.

How can men protect their health?

Although you can’t change your genetics or reverse past exposures, you can significantly improve your health by modifying your lifestyle habits. The most health-protective habits you can form include:

  • Not smoking: avoid smoking as well as secondhand exposure
  • Eating a nutritious diet: eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein
  • Exercising: participate in an activity you enjoy most days of the week
  • Controlling weight: lose excess weight
  • Managing stress: find ways to reduce tension and balance mood
  • Limiting alcohol: drink in moderation, no more than two drinks per day

It’s also important to schedule regular checkups with Dr. Singleton and notify him of any health changes you notice, not just when your symptoms become unmanageable. Your risk of problems increases if you don’t see a doctor regularly.

If you’re due for a doctor’s visit, contact Dr. Singleton online or over the phone to schedule an appointment.